Lyon Hip Arthroplasty (LHA)

Centre de Congrès Lyon

Lyon Hip Arthroplasty is reborn and rebounds after Covid 19. The previous events brought together nearly 600 professionals in Lyon, which, along with the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region, remains one of the French and even international bastions of clinical, scientifi c and industrial orthopaedics.The theme of the 2023 edition will be«Hip replacement»..Lyon Hip Arthroplasty will keep its organization, mixing teams from the public sector (Professor M.-H. Fessy, Professor P. Kouyoumdjian, Professor S. Lustig) and the private sector (Doctor R. Badet, Doctor J. Caton, Doctor J.-L. Prudhon).New innovations and an eco-responsible commitment will confi rm what the 2017 (prosthetic instability and dual mobility) and 2019 (the femoral pivot) editions had proposed: a dynamic Congress, re-newing the standards of the genre, welcoming prestigious French and international speakers, specialists in the fi eld.To ensure that Lyon and its region remain a leader in French and world orthopaedics.


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Hours : 8 :00 AM – 6 :00 PM

Price : 400€ (early bird)

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