La Passerelle: a meeting and work space devoted to socially-responsible events

The activity in our collaborative space known as La Passerelle is picking up pace. Three workshops will be held in the coming months.

Centre de Congrès Lyon

La Passerelle (The Gateway) to socially-responsible events

La Passerelle provides temporary collaborative work spaces in which members can meet peers, partners and customers so as to maintain relations with a professional ecosystem and thus facilitate the development of socially-responsible events.

Take advantage of 4 specific spaces: Le Corner Traditionnel (The Traditional Corner), Le Corner Lounge (The Lounge Corner), Le Corner Réflexion Haute (The Brainstorming Corner) and the Les French Cabanes (French Cabins).


The aim of this HUB is to bring together and coordinate a community of event-sector players (service providers, freelancers, agencies, start-ups, etc.) who are actively committed to socially-responsible approaches, and based in the Lyon Metropolitan Area.

With its spaces made available free of charge to players in the events sector, La Passerelle (The Gateway) offers a programme of workshops and presentations devoted to socially-responsible events, the ultimate goal being to establish La Passerelle as a vibrant hub in which contacts are made and ideas born. Here, the watchwords are (and will remain): sharing, dynamism and creativity, whether the aim is to debate particular issues or develop one's network.-

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The workshops scheduled for the end of the year

The workshops are eagerly awaited events at La Passerelle, synonymous with the philosophy of sharing and the dynamic community life of this collaborative professional space.

The themes addressed at the end of the year will be: managing event waste, combating waste and finding solutions and methods to transform and promote a socially-responsible event industry.


La Passerelle's workshop programme:


Workshop 1 | 28/10, from 9am to 10.30am

Managing event waste: how can we engage in an ambitious and comprehensive approach to achieving socially-responsible events?

Scheduled speakers

  • Paul Berthet, Director of the AREMACS association
  • Guillaume Poignon, Director of the Ateliers Emmaüs (Emmaüs Workshops)
  • Baptiste Marquois, Development Manager of the French National Network of Resources Providers for the Entertainment, Art and Culture (RESSAC)
  • Christophe Divi, Managing Director of the Agence des Economies Solidaires (French Agency for the Solidarity Economy) (moderator)


Workshop 2 | 25/11 from 9am to 10.30am

Food: how to effectively combat food waste and recover bio-waste in the event industry?

Scheduled speakers

  • Valérie de Margerie, Founder and President of the association Le Chaînon manquant (Missing link)
  • Alexandre Guilluy, Founder of Les Alchimistes
  • Etienne Wasseur, Director of AIDEN Solidaire
  • Christophe Divi, Managing Director of the Agence des Economies Solidaires (French Agency for the Solidarity Economy) (moderator)


Workshop 3 | 15/12 from 9am to 10.30am

Public and private procurement as a means to leverage the transformation towards a socially-responsible event industry

Scheduled speakers

  • Emeline Baume, 1st Vice-President of Lyon Métropole, responsible for the Economy, Employment, Trade, Digital Technologies and Public Procurement
  • Arnaud Humbert, Managing Director of Valdelia
  • Sylvain Douce, General Manager of the Lyon Convention Centre
  • Christophe Divi, Managing Director of the Agence des Economies Solidaires (French Agency for the Solidarity Economy) (moderator)


This summer, two workshops were held at La Passerelle. A workshop on the ISO 20121 standard in June and a workshop on professional integration in July.

ISO 20121 standard - The workshop was attended by:

  • Valérie Ducaud - Director of the Lyon Convention Bureau
  • Rémi Roche - CSR Manager for GL events' venues
  • Redda BENDJEBBOUR - Quality and CSR Manager at the TOS EVENTS Group
  • Marylène Boulon Brun - Business Development Manager at TOS EVENTS
  • Céline Paravy-Atlan -Vice-President of La Clé Evénementielle - Founder of Ma Pièce
  • Lucie Durieux - Associate Director of L'Embarcadère
  • Delphine Masure - Operations Director of Operations of the Palais de la Bourse (Lyon)

Hosted by Sylvain Douce, General Manager of the Lyon Convention Centre and La Passerelle.

Based on short exchanges, the speakers and participants were able to explore the topic of certification for socially-responsible business tourism, in line with ISO 20121.

The ISO 20121 standard is specifically devoted to the event industry and certifies organisations in the sector that implement an ambitious policy in favour of sustainable development and socially-responsible events.

Professional integration - The speakers at this workshop were: Raphaèle Grange from MMIE (Metropolitan youth insertion organisation), accompanied by Christophe Divi from the French Agency for the Solidarity Economy, and Sylvain Douce, General Manager of the Lyon Convention Centre and La Passerelle. The workshop was attended by representatives from SAMSIC - AXIAL - PROFIL - PRESTIGE SECURITE - STAND’UP - C-GASTRONOMIE - SERGE MAGNER and the Departmental Managers from the Lyon Convention Centre and Eurexpo.

The speakers presented the various solutions and benefits linked to professional integration schemes. The workshop provided valuable information based on concrete examples and pragmatic, operational solutions.


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