20èmes Journées Lyonnaises de Chirurgie du Genou – LA PATELLA

Centre de Congrès Lyon

The next Journées Lyonnaises de Chirurgie du Genou will be based on the Patella.

This event will be able to gather surgeons specialized in sport and arthritis as well as all other health professionals who come across Patellofemoral pathologies in their field.

The congress will be held over three days, and we will be studying several different elements whether they be diagnostic, therapeutic, or technical concerning the patellofemoral with a modern vision and with all the expertise that our group and our international experts can bring.

We will be studying pain, instability and stabilization surgery, cartilage damage and its treatment, the patellofemoral prothesis and the total knee replacement.

This will also be the opportunity to study the technical innovations from a different angle.

 This year we will be celebrating the congress jubilee: 50 years of the Journées Lyonnaises have already gone by, 50 years of history and science surrounding the knee.



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Pratical Information :

E-mail: florence.bondoux@lysks.fr

Phone: +33 (0)6 32 07 19 90

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