180,000 bees take centre stage at the Lyon Convention Centre!

Currently buzzing away in their three colourful hives on the rooftops of the Lyon Convention Centre, the venue’s latest tenants arrived in their new home at the end of April between the Rhône River and the Tête d'Or Park. A truly ideal place in which to live out a happy and productive life.

Centre de Congrès de Lyon Ruches

"This is a collective initiative, made possible thanks to staff at the Lyon Convention Centre and the GL Event’s group brand Lyon for Events. This hive project seemed to be natural and meaningful for a site such as ours which is nestled in a rich ecosystem blooming with biodiversity", said Sylvain Douce, Director of the Lyon Convention Centre.

The winter of 2017/2018 was a disaster for French beekeepers, with the loss of nearly a third of their colonies. In addition to adverse weather conditions, bees and other pollinators are currently in danger of extinction due to over use of pesticides, diseases and lack of sufficient flowers often sacrificed to make way for intensive agriculture or urbanization.

Yet bees are directly responsible for helping to produce 70% of the fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts we consume daily! Hence the importance of this initiative, however modest, of integrating these fabulous creatures close to our own living spaces.

From this year onwards, as an added bonus, our privileged customers and team members will be able to taste Lyon Convention Centre honey for the first time! We hope that our busy bees will be producing between 20 and 30 kg of sweet honey in each of the 3 hives.

If you are interested in this initiative and would like to have beehives on your own company grounds be sure to contact our bee keeping experts and partners “Graine d'Abeilles”. www.grainedabeilles.fr


Centre de Congrès de Lyon Ruches