Exhibitor Space - FAQ

My order

  • Am I required to fill in my booth number when ordering online?  
    No, you can continue your order without indicating your booth number or by entering your banner name.
  • When will I receive my bill ?  
    After completing your order online, an order confirmation will be sent to you and Exhibitor Services will send you the corresponding invoice.
  • Am I obliged to pay by credit card on the online sales site? 
    You can pay by credit card but also by check or bank transfer upon receipt of the invoice that will be sent to you following your online order.

Nearby services

  • Are there preferential rates for car parks? 
    Yes, as exhibitors, you qualify for preferential rates at the P1 parking at the Cité internationale : click here 
  • Where is the nearest ATM?
    Just 100 metres away from the Convention Center (Casino du Pharaon).
  • Is there a printing service near the Lyon Congress Center?
    No, there are none. Please remember to plan your printing and printed material needs in advance.

Questions related to the exhibition

  • Where can I find all the technical information related to my event?
    In the technical guide book given to you by the organizer.
  • Until when can I order my services on stand?
    At the Lyon convention center, up to three weeks before the event.  
  • How do I know my stand number?
    The organizer is the decision-maker of the show floor plan, it is with him that you will be able to get the information.
  • Who can I contact to get the floor plan?
    The organizer of the show in which you are participating.
  • How can I have access to my badges? 
    Check with the show organizer with regards to agreed arrangements allowing you to recover your access passes to the show (via email or on site upon arrival).

Technical questions

  • What is the maximum slinging height, if envisioned by the organizer? 
    At the Lyon convention center, the maximum theoretical slinging height is 5.5m. However, the organizer can impose a maximum height, for more information please refer to the exhibitor technical guide.
  • What is the maximum ground load allowed in the halls?
    400kg / m². Contact us for more information. Distribution plates are required beyond the maximum permitted load.
  • How should I indicate the location of services ordered?
    By consulting the document "Stand diagram" in the "information and downloads" section 
  • How can I connect to WiFi?
    Wifi services are event specific. Please refer to the technical guide for specific WiFi access at the show in which you taking part.
  • When can I have my parcels delivered?
    During the event assembly days. Any delivery requests before event assembly will be charged.
  • When can I pick up my parcels?
    During show disassembly days. Any request for later pick up will be charged.